Home safety and precautions before leaving on holidays

It’s not only you who loves the holiday season: it’s also the thieves who love this time of the year because there are so many homes left empty and unattended that they can happily break-in and steal the belongings of several families. Therefore we thought to come up with some tips and advice as to what to take care of before leaving for holidays, to avoid anyone robbing your home.

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1. Make sure all your locks are secure enough

No matter you live in a house or in an apartment you need to make sure that your locks can keep unwanted visitors away from your home. According to statistics, if a burglar is not inside your home within one minute he usually gives it up and flees. There are tons of very developed lock systems today which can withstand even more serious attacks, therefore ask a trusted and certified locksmith service and get new locks if there is the need for your locks to be changed. Also, it’s essential to make sure your locks are insurance compliant, this way, if anything happens your home insurer can cover most of your financial loss. If you live in a house, check on your window locks as well.

2. Don’t let many people know that you leave for holidays

We are generally happy to chat about holidays even with strangers or neighbours. But make sure no one knows when exactly you leave for holidays or return back home in your living area (except for one trusted neighbour). There are unfortunately several people who are more than happy to deliver holiday information to burglars for them to use that later on.

3. If you have a real trusted friend living nearby or a neighbour ask them to check-in daily

Have your mailboxes emptied regularly. This is also true for any leaflets or flyers which people may stick in your front door as these are all sure signs of someone not being home for days. And burglary love to break-in in homes like that.

4. Try to keep holiday preparations out of sight

This means to avoid many people or neighbours see you packing, especially when it comes to leaving with the car. Load it up in the morning right before you leave, not to give a clue to so many people that you and the family will be away for a longer time.

5. Use alarm system stickers

If you have a home try to get hold of an alarm protection sticker which clearly shows your home is protected ( even if in real it’s not) burglary would rather go elsewhere then check if this is true or not.

6. Plant thorny bushes under the windows and around the gates

There are tons of beautiful bushes which grow lovely flowers each year and as an extra they can be perfect protection against burglars. No one wants to climb through these bushes for sure, they can serve as a nice yet very effective protection for your home.

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